Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Quilt Festival

Many of my regular followers will have seen this quilt. But it is the entry I have chosen for Amy's (Park City Girl) Online Fall Quilt Festival. I enjoyed making this quilt for many reasons. First, the background was a piece I had discarded because it was wonky. I later realized two of the pink squares were 1/2" larger on one side. Second, it helped me learn some new techniques I had seen at Ricky Tim's Super Seminar. Both by Ricky himself and by Libby Lehman. Third, I pulled it our of the scrap pile, because I thought it was a good piece to use to get to know my new Bernina 830, which I have fallen in love with. Lastly, I love the way it came out.. and it is no longer Wonky!

So here is my entry. Hope you enjoy it. I have called it Celestial Enlightenment!

Here are some close-ups....


Bella Jean Boutique said...

It's great to see it all together. It looks beautiful. Mom of Bella Jean Boutique.(Stitchnquilt). I didn't want to have to type this again because of signing out.

Annika said...

Thanks for your nice words in my blog. English is not a problem for me :)

Love your work on that quilt. I´m impressed buy your quilting.

Have a really nice weekend!

ivoryspring said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving the kind comment. Your quilt is most unique - I like the threadplay you have done on it.