Friday, August 21, 2009

Fill the Space Freeform Feathers

I haven't quilted in a while. First my studio doesn't have A/C, second work has been crazy and lastly, my son had surgery. So, I have also been playing nurse. But tonight, he wanted to watch the pre-season football game on the big screen TV, so that meant helping him into the basement. So of course, I stayed down and sewed.

First, I played with my experimental piece. I added some small stars in lime green. Again, no applique, just satin stitching to create 'thread applique'. They looked nice and added a real punch. The only problem is the piece hasn't said it is finished yet, so I will hang it up for another day or two and see if it say's it is done. I still haven't figured out how to get the waves out of it, before quilting. I am hoping some of the 'easing' techniques I have read about on the APQS blog will help me out.

Next, I took out a quilt sandwich and played with my free form - fill the space feathers. I watched a video on YouTube this week and it looked sooooo easy, so I thought why not? Well, of course, it wasn't as easy as it looked@!@!@!.I have to practice making the feathers uniform throughout the piece and a little more curvey. The only thing is if it is freeform.... how do you make it uniform? I guess that is why they call it practice!@!@!@!

Well, that is it. Have a good weekend and I will talk to you next week.


Stitch-n-quilt said...

I do freeform feathers quite a bit and they aren't always totally uniform. I think a key also is to do the spine first for quite a ways and then go back over. I usually chalk the first few and that helps me to get in the flow direction and size wise. You're doing well. Just keep practicing.

terificreations said...

Renee next time we have mini group at your place I'll do some feathers so you can see over my shoulder the stitch said in the first comment the spine is key to getting good feathers.


free indeed said...

I'd love to be looking over your shoulder too! I want to expand my experience and move beyond sid and meandering. Anyone want to do a tute for the rest of us?